Interview about the social media

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I interviewed my guitar teacher, who is living very “classical” life.


He does not use Facebook so much and not so much a fan of the internet.


Like this interview, not all the people are welcoming the “information ages”.


Also, I asked him about Anonymous, which I am going to post.


I can say that Anonymous is still not so known for the public. However, due to a few incidents, have gradually become famous.




2. Hackers?

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I heard “oh, my account has been hacked” thousands of times from my friends.

They are not even working in computer-related occupations.

Today, hacking incident occurs frequently.

The type or extent of damage are various; from personal computer to large portal sites.

You should not assure like “my computer gonna be alright”.


(You can be the next target!)


This time, let’s learn about the exact meaning of hacking and hacker.


First, what is the hacking?

The original meaning of hacking is from the act which find the security vulnerable place on computer, solve the problem, and prevent exploit of the information.

Actually, the word “hack” has the meaning of “pure joyful feeling which from the work process itself”.


So, the first hacking was started with the joyful experts’ research.

But after someone exploit hacking, it became degenerate into the bad meaning.


hacker kitty

Next, what is the meaning of hacker?

After the meaning of hacking started to be recognized as the negative, meaning of hacker also being used as the negative connotation.

But, originally the meaning of hacker is a person who is an ensure the security of the network as outstanding technician on computer programming.

bill jobs

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs who are the founder of Apple, and Bill Gates who is a establisher of Microsoft were worked as the hacker at the very first time.


In Closing

bad hacker

As I said, hackers are not all bad.

They are just little (or very much) smarter than others on computer.

I want to provide the information of two kinds of hackers (white and black) next time.


1. Social Media?

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You guys may know how strong internet is.

We can do shopping on the internet, even we can buy stock through it.

Simply, modern people would not live without internet today.



(retrieved from

According to Daniel, who posted on Mcvaynewmedia, adults treat internet even more precious than TV or sex.



(retrieved from

On the other research, adults replied they would not live without internet rather than TV or even shopping.

What is internet? And how internet addicted people like this?



social network


(Through the internet, we can easily intouch with other people, but too easy.)

The biggest part what people do through the internet today is social network service.

By default, human being is a social animal.

They love to share their stories or listening other people’s story.

Most of the people spend their spare time to watching Facebook, Tweeter, Flicker, or this WordPress.

I am not saying this activity is bad.

I just want to ask to you guys “Is that too much?”



(Am I addicted? Not really!)

A friend of mine checking his Facebook frequently.

How often?

Don’t be surprise, every 10~20 minutes!

You guys should know this;

That is not just “his’tory”, that is our present.

How about you guys? How much time are you spend on Facebook or Twitter?

This social media (which people very frequently use) became get super power today.



(This year’s Grammy Awards was jackpot, thanks to social media)

According to Bluefin, Grammy made over 13 millions of social comments during the live.

And that was the highest ever!


In closing

We should get awareness to use the social media in right ways.

It is like double-edged sword.

It is a good application to connect with other people.

But if you “overdose” it, you may spend your juvenescence to watching other people’s story.

The master of your life is yourself.

Do the exercise (I prefer soccer), and get up early.


And start the day with a cup of coffee!



Lists of the blog

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 I made lists for my blog; what I will post about.



1. The Power of Internet

the power of the internet

Before introduce about hacker, I will present what things we can do with internet.

I want to show how powerful the internet is.

At the same time, it means that it is very important to protect your personal information or materials from the online thief, hackers.



2. Hackers?


First, I want to post about the definition of hacker.


(Who are the hackers?)

Because my blog will deal with so many “hacker things” like the things what hackers do, how to be a hacker, or the biggest hacker group Anonymous.

I will post about the background how they emerged and who are they.



3. White and Black hackers

two face

I want to introduce two types of hackers; white and black hackers.

Technically, how they do is same but, what they are doing is different.

I want to break the general notion of hackers; they are all bad.



4. Anonymous, the legion

Anonymous-Seal 640x392_33843_250005

In this time, I want to introduce about the biggest hacker group, Anonymous.

So many people still do not know who are they and what are they doing.

I will post “basic status” about anonymous.



5. Guy Fawkes and V for Vendetta


You might curious about that , what is that smiling face and what is the symbol of that mask.

To explain that, I want to bring some background information about Guy Fawkes, who fought against British government for freedom in the 16th century.

fawke you

(Is he look alike with the mask?)

The background of the movie “V for Vendetta”’ is the future of Britain. But this movie reproduces the situation at that time.

The moto of Anonymous is from Guy Fawkes. So I want to link these materials with Anonymous in this post.



6. Did you know that?


For this post, I will present some interesting stories which Anonymous achieved.

They fought against big companies, police, even the Mexican drug sellers.

Believe or not, they are all true!



7&8. Go and check your computer right now!

you've been hacked

I want to give some tips, how to prevent our computer from the hackers.

The best way of it is do not using the internet but these kids could not live without internet. Also, I want to show how hackers hack the computers.


(What your face look like when the internet server down)

I think attack is the best form of defense, so if you know how to heck computer, you already know the one way to prevent your computer from hackers.

best defence

(Attack is the best form of defense!)

But I am also not like computer nerd or very professional, so I want to show the ways which general people could follow.



9. Can I be a hacker?

ima hacker

(Hacker, indeed.)

If there are people who read the post about Anonymous, some of them would think “Wow, those kids are really cool, can I join in Anonymous or can I be a hacker?”


Let me tell you something. I do not know how to join in Anonymous or find the way to be a member of them. If I know that, I would not sit down here right now.

But it is possible to be a hacker. Of course, it is not illegal depends on what you do after be a hacker.

Hacking conference

(International Hackers Conference)

I want to provide the ways to be a hacker.



10. Anonymous, good or evil?

good or evil

I do not like this kinds of black and white logic.

I will bring my opinions about Anonymous for this post; “How I think about them”, “Are they really necessary for the society”, and “Are they right?”

And it will be my final post.

clap clap

Thanks for watching

All about me

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I am Chanhui Lee.

But I wanna go by my English name, Christian.


I was born in South Korea, in 16, January, 1992.

I am going to Eastern Mennonite University student, sophomore.

My religion is Christian, Presbyterian.


I have 5 family members; I, mother, father, younger brother (high school student), and my cat Willy (male, Persian, and will be 1 year old in this April).

liverpool amblum

I love soccer and a big fan of Liverpool F.C.


I like furry animals.


I usually play guitar in my free time.

I can also play flute and piano.


I love travel. I want to travel all around the world after retiring from my job.


When I am at in my home, I do not need set alarm to wake up. My cat always bit and licked my hair to let me wake up.

That means, “I am so hungry so give me something or I will make you a bald head.


After the semester I will pause the school work, and take Korean military service for two years.

I want to join the Air Force


I did not select the concrete vision of my life yet. I want to work as a producer if I have chance.

These are Christian, all about me.