Internet Speed

My country, South Korea has perfect environment to use internet.

We have the fastest internet speed in the world. To download a movie, it will take less than 3 minutes!



For these reasons, I have been “exposed” to the internet since I was a little boy.

Also, I have been interested in computer things.

People can do anything through the internet these days and could use it on bad ways.


So I want to know how to protect my information from the hackers


Also, provide information about the biggest hacker group in the world– Anonymous.



I will post about


–          Meaning of hacker and its background history

           ; How they emerged and what is “hacker”?

–          Difference between black hacker and white hacker

            ; There are two kinds of hackers

–          Can I be a “hacker”?

            ; What things required to be a hacker


–          The Power of the internet

            ; What things can we do through the internet on today’s society?

–          Guy Fawkes and V For Vendetta

            ; The origin of smiling mask and the movie which brought the sense of the freedom

–          Who are they and what they want.

            ; information about Anonymous

–          Interesting achievements

            ; Anonymous’ surprising achievements

–          Are they “right”?

            ; are they just group of creepy hackers or the group of pioneers for freedom?


–          How to prevent my computer from hacking?

            ; The simple ways to prevent my computer from hackers

–          The way to hack

            ; Attack is the best form of defense


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