8. Go and Check Out Your Computer Right Now!

Posted: April 5, 2013 by chrischanhui in Uncategorized

you've been hacked


Windows have more various contents than Mac.

But, it is more risky, and exposed to hacking.

To avoid hacking, what can we do?

For this time, I will give you some simple tips to avoid hacking.



First, change password to complicated one.

You might think your password is very safe and hackers never find it.

However hackers would not think like that.

Visit this site and check how secure your password is.



It will give you some tips.



Second, do not download equivocal Active X

ActiveX is the technology which used to develop the object-oriented components by Microsoft.

There so many kinds of ActiveX, these components would provide you more contents on internet.

But because of its multiformity, some hackers plant hacking files like Trojan on this.

Internet Explorer is also decent but I recommend you to use Google Chrome or Firefox.



Third, do not write your personal information on the internet

It is super easy to search information today (thanks Google).

So, if you note your phone number or address, someone could abuse that.


Simple way to erasing hacking tool (Windows only)


First, press start and open Windows exec cmd (if you can not find it, you can just type cmd and search)



You may see this, if you open cmd.

Type cd.. and enter twice



After enter twice, the front part would change to C:W>

Type del usp10.dll lpk.dll midimap.dll midimap 32 .dll imm32.dll comres.dll /a /s



After wait few minutes, you would see this screen.

If it said it erased something, it is better to change your password of your accounts.



I think the best way to avoiding hacking is downloading vaccine and let it scan while you use computer.




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