7. Types of Hacking

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As technology evolves, there are diversifying the kinds of hacking.

People no longer save important file as the form of paper, they save it in their computer.

It means, if you hack other’s computer, you may find valuable information.


Yesterday, the international hacker group Anonymous hacked North Korea social accounts.

(if you want to see more about it, click here)

Last year, North Korea warned that they would attack South Korea.

I was not quite sure they would really attack South Korea. Because this pattern is routine in recent years.

But after 3rd nuclear bomb test on 12 February 2013, North Korea move to make war.

So, Anonymous was angry with North Korea’s head Jung en  Kim who threat the security of the world.


Anonymous hacked North Korea’s social network accounts and personal information of members of the site.

Due to their work, “North Korea’s provocation to world” became popular.

Anonymous have been make so many issues through hacking.

You guys might curious how they hack and the types of hacking.

For this time, I will give you information about the types of hacking .

I did not know and have not hear the hacking terms aside from DDoS. So, I searched some ways.

1) DDos (Distributed Denial of Service) attack

You may see this DDos attack on the newspaper, blog or somewhere these days.

I want to say DDos attack is the most easy way of “hacking”.

Strictly speaking, DDos attack is not hacking, but it is the first step to hacking.

DDos Attack

Just like the picture, put inordinate traffic or abnormal access on the victim server.

Due to this work, the hacker could monopolize the server.

Because of this waste of resources, the server could not sustain itself and could not provide normal service.

It is very easy, so there so many tools to use DDos attack on the internet, you may find and download it (be careful the virus!)

2) SYN flood

This way abuse the vulnerability of connection process of TCP, 3-way handshaking.

Basically, communication between the server and the client configured by three-step structure.


First, the client initiates the connection by sending information to the server, such as a serial number and packet size.

Second, the server responds with the information by sending the client session.

Lastly, the client agree on the information received from the server.


Sending thousands of messages to require TCP connecting (SYN). At this time, changing the IP address to one no longer use.

Then the server would response as SYN/ACK (which is not work or exist) to make the new contraction.

At this time, server would wait till ACK coming from the client which respond SYN/ACK, but the server would not get ACK message.

As the result, server would keep open till get the ACK respond, and the system would be down and the server quit the service itself.

3) Sniffing

Dog sniffing

You can imagine a dog is sniffing to find bones which he smuggled.

The way to sniffing is starts with wiretap the network packet.


Collecting packet information which is not encrypted.

This way is more closer to stocking or information thief.


I give you three examples of hacking.

If you want to try hacking, visit here.

제목 없음

Hack this site

Seems very attracted to people who are interested in hacking.

That hacking means legal hacking and this page is for the people who want to study how to protect their computer from the hackers, not the malicious intrusion like cracker.



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