4. Anonymous, The Legion

Posted: March 1, 2013 by chrischanhui in Uncategorized


I want to post about the biggest hacker group in the world – Anonymous.

Anonymous is not a person’s name, it is a name of group.

The number of members are around 3000 (estimates).

Anonymous’ faceless symbol indicate “there is no boss and everyone have equal right”.

The suit is a symbol of anonymity.


They made a new word; Hactivist.

They determine the target through Twitter or blog chat, and crashing network to using DDOS attack and SQL INGECTION.

Their ultimate purpose is grabbing the Freedom of Information and Non Censorship.

Anonymous said “Corrupt governments do not have the right to control us.”

They upload video to “enlighten” people from the corrupted government.

Anonymous became famous after some incidents (they hacked giant companies, big portal sites).

So, some people use the name of Anonymous to make their materials more popular.

The typical example is Anonymous OS.

This OS gives us information of how to hack (very basic ways like DDOS).

But, is this really from Anonymous?


I also downloaded the OS (you guys could find the file through googling) and tried it.

This OS created which based on Ubuntu.

I want to say, you can not be a “hacker” with this file.

It is too limited and basically, it just shows the process of DDOS or other basic hacking tools.

This OS became very famous and media deal with this.

If it turns out, this file is a fake one.

More precise, this file is not made by Anonymous.

This incident showed up-graded awareness of Anonymous; how they are affect on the social media.


(click the picture, linked with Tumblr page of Anonymous)

It is very hard to find the member of anonymous (there are too much people who arrogate they’re Anonymous).

But, you can find and read their Facebook page, Twitter, or Tumblr.

Anonymous uses social media as their weapon to against their enemies (groups which censoring information)


We are Anonymous

We are legion

We don’t forgive

We don’t forget



I will see how it works and what is their “justice”.


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