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6. Achievements of Anonymous

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the legion


Nobody would know the detail information of when Anonymous started activities.

There are many incidents that Anonymous has an opportunity to become famous.

But, the first momentum which made Anonymous famous is the “war” against Los Zetas.



Los Zetas is a Mexican mafia which is famous for smuggling drugs and weapons.

Especially, they retaliate brutally to their enemies or the people who slandering them.

(So, I do not recommend you to searching about Los Zetas on Google, it would be cruel.)


Just like other days, Los Zetas kidnapped all of the people who were in the Mexican pub to catch their enemy mafia members.

Suddenly, someone contact to a executive member of Zetas.



“You guys kidnapped a member of Anonymous. If you guys do not release him, we will publish Zetas’ irregularities and the current location of executives.”

Of course, he just laughed first.

But after one hour, a member of Anonymous was released due to a piece of fax which Anonymous send to Zetas’ hideout where ordinary people would not know absolutely.

There was all the information about Zetas’ irregularities and the current location of executives, even their siblings’ location.

(Anonymous Hacker Group Threatens Mexico’s Zetas Drug Cartel)


Zetas was super famous at this time. So after this incident published, Anonymous became famous.

I want to say that this incident made the awareness of today’s Anonymous.


There are some major actions of Anonymous.


1. There was an internet site which called “Megaupload”. People could share their files.

But American government removed this site, because it is a violation of copyright law.

So, Anonymous declared “cyber war” to government. They said it is the repression of information sharing.



(internet sites which Anonymous attacked)

Anonymous knock downed several major internet sites.


2. Anonymous declared war against Syria government

제목 없음


Because Syria government shut down the internet which is the place of communication today.


3. Protest about Aaron Swartz’s suicide

Anonymous hacked the machinery law of America and suggesting the possibility of a spill classified document.

But Anonymous did not revealed it, they just gave pin key to decode password.

Anonymous warned them.


I posted three major incidents, but they achieved more (You may easily find on Google)

I want to say mass media can really change (or affect) the world.


5. Guy Fawkes and V for Vendetta

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This mask might very friendly for anyone who is interested in Anonymous.


Anonymous wearing this mask when they express their official position on YouTube or Twitter.




Where the mask which representing Anonymous originated from?


In general, people might know this mask from the movie V for Vendetta.


v for vendetta


Background of the movie is after the 3rd World War, Great Britain, in 2040.

A shadowy freedom fighter known only as “V” uses terrorist tactics to fight against his totalitarian society.

Upon rescuing a girl from the secret police, he also finds his best chance at having an ally.


The main hero V is fighting in invisible place against the violence and repression, by his conviction.

V is very similar with Anonymous, the hactivist.

Because, the mother of “V” and Anonymous is same; Guy Fawkes.


guy fawkes


(Guy Fawkes; 1570. 4. 13 ~ 1606. 6. 19)


In every November 5, the spectacular fireworks will be held in United Kingdom.

It is called Guy Fawkes Day.

This day is for praising Guy Fawkes who was a Captain in England.

He was religious Catholic, who dreamed “revival” of Catholic.

He was preparing the terror, which could slain all the parliaments who are against Catholic.

He set the gunpowder with Robert Catesby.

But, their plan was revealed, before only few hours of succession.

In the followed interrogation Guy Fawkes claimed himself as John Johnson, and did not leak information about the terror.


(Guy Fawkes’ revelation and torturing)

Because of the terrible torturing which lasted few days, finally Guy Fawkes confessed the whole story of the incident and co-conspirators.


(His last handwriting; might hard to write this because of the terrible torture)

Finally, Guy Fawkes and his conspirators were all arrested and executed.

His corpse was divided into four pieces and dispersed in Great Britain.

It showed the warning to people who was plot the rebellion.

This incident is called The Gunpowder Plot.

(information cited from wiki)


The similarity between Guy Fawkes and V for Vendetta is; they are the person who is against the group which steal freedom and abuse their public power.

I know their method is not “legal”.

But if they against the public power which brainwash people and suppress media, I am gonna back them.



4. Anonymous, The Legion

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I want to post about the biggest hacker group in the world – Anonymous.

Anonymous is not a person’s name, it is a name of group.

The number of members are around 3000 (estimates).

Anonymous’ faceless symbol indicate “there is no boss and everyone have equal right”.

The suit is a symbol of anonymity.


They made a new word; Hactivist.

They determine the target through Twitter or blog chat, and crashing network to using DDOS attack and SQL INGECTION.

Their ultimate purpose is grabbing the Freedom of Information and Non Censorship.

Anonymous said “Corrupt governments do not have the right to control us.”

They upload video to “enlighten” people from the corrupted government.

Anonymous became famous after some incidents (they hacked giant companies, big portal sites).

So, some people use the name of Anonymous to make their materials more popular.

The typical example is Anonymous OS.

This OS gives us information of how to hack (very basic ways like DDOS).

But, is this really from Anonymous?


I also downloaded the OS (you guys could find the file through googling) and tried it.

This OS created which based on Ubuntu.

I want to say, you can not be a “hacker” with this file.

It is too limited and basically, it just shows the process of DDOS or other basic hacking tools.

This OS became very famous and media deal with this.

If it turns out, this file is a fake one.

More precise, this file is not made by Anonymous.

This incident showed up-graded awareness of Anonymous; how they are affect on the social media.


(click the picture, linked with Tumblr page of Anonymous)

It is very hard to find the member of anonymous (there are too much people who arrogate they’re Anonymous).

But, you can find and read their Facebook page, Twitter, or Tumblr.

Anonymous uses social media as their weapon to against their enemies (groups which censoring information)


We are Anonymous

We are legion

We don’t forgive

We don’t forget



I will see how it works and what is their “justice”.

3. White and Black Hackers

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two face

I want to post about two different types of hackers; white and black hackers.


black hacker

First, black hackers are the people who you guys generally know about “hacker”.

Mostly, black hackers find the vulnerable part of the computer system and destroy the system or derive the personal information.

They hit the serious damage on people’s computer for their personal profit or just for fun.

Another name of black hacker is “Cracker“.

A cracker is the one who does cracking.

Cracking is the act of breaking into a computer system, often on a network.

A cracker can be doing this for profit, maliciously, for some altruistic purpose or cause, or because the challenge is there.

Some breaking-and-entering has been done ostensibly to point out weaknesses in a site’s security system.

hwite hacker


There is another type of hacker which called “white hacker”.

White hackers find the vulnerable part of the system and prevent that part from the crackers.

In other words, white hacker also known as the information security professionals.

White hackers should know not only basic information technology (IT), computer operating system, and C language but also perspective on the IT industry.

They also called as “White Hat


I want to say this age is a war of information.

Crackers attack system to get information and white hat prevent us from them.


A member of white hat; Winston Smith talked how important their work is.

But still, there are so many people do not know how to prevent their computer and information from hackers.



Of course, we are not professional (or not) computer programmer or something.

But, there are some effective ways to prevent our computer from hackers.

Let’s find the ways!



Interview about the social media

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I interviewed my guitar teacher, who is living very “classical” life.


He does not use Facebook so much and not so much a fan of the internet.


Like this interview, not all the people are welcoming the “information ages”.


Also, I asked him about Anonymous, which I am going to post.


I can say that Anonymous is still not so known for the public. However, due to a few incidents, have gradually become famous.