2. Hackers?

Posted: February 11, 2013 by chrischanhui in Uncategorized




I heard “oh, my account has been hacked” thousands of times from my friends.

They are not even working in computer-related occupations.

Today, hacking incident occurs frequently.

The type or extent of damage are various; from personal computer to large portal sites.

You should not assure like “my computer gonna be alright”.


(You can be the next target!)


This time, let’s learn about the exact meaning of hacking and hacker.


First, what is the hacking?

The original meaning of hacking is from the act which find the security vulnerable place on computer, solve the problem, and prevent exploit of the information.

Actually, the word “hack” has the meaning of “pure joyful feeling which from the work process itself”.


So, the first hacking was started with the joyful experts’ research.

But after someone exploit hacking, it became degenerate into the bad meaning.


hacker kitty

Next, what is the meaning of hacker?

After the meaning of hacking started to be recognized as the negative, meaning of hacker also being used as the negative connotation.

But, originally the meaning of hacker is a person who is an ensure the security of the network as outstanding technician on computer programming.

bill jobs

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs who are the founder of Apple, and Bill Gates who is a establisher of Microsoft were worked as the hacker at the very first time.


In Closing

bad hacker

As I said, hackers are not all bad.

They are just little (or very much) smarter than others on computer.

I want to provide the information of two kinds of hackers (white and black) next time.



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