1. Social Media?

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You guys may know how strong internet is.

We can do shopping on the internet, even we can buy stock through it.

Simply, modern people would not live without internet today.



(retrieved from http://www.mcvaynewmedia.com/internet-more-important-than-sex-and-tv/)

According to Daniel, who posted on Mcvaynewmedia, adults treat internet even more precious than TV or sex.



(retrieved from http://www.mcvaynewmedia.com/internet-more-important-than-sex-and-tv/)

On the other research, adults replied they would not live without internet rather than TV or even shopping.

What is internet? And how internet addicted people like this?



social network


(Through the internet, we can easily intouch with other people, but too easy.)

The biggest part what people do through the internet today is social network service.

By default, human being is a social animal.

They love to share their stories or listening other people’s story.

Most of the people spend their spare time to watching Facebook, Tweeter, Flicker, or this WordPress.

I am not saying this activity is bad.

I just want to ask to you guys “Is that too much?”



(Am I addicted? Not really!)

A friend of mine checking his Facebook frequently.

How often?

Don’t be surprise, every 10~20 minutes!

You guys should know this;

That is not just “his’tory”, that is our present.

How about you guys? How much time are you spend on Facebook or Twitter?

This social media (which people very frequently use) became get super power today.



(This year’s Grammy Awards was jackpot, thanks to social media)

According to Bluefin, Grammy made over 13 millions of social comments during the live.

And that was the highest ever!


In closing

We should get awareness to use the social media in right ways.

It is like double-edged sword.

It is a good application to connect with other people.

But if you “overdose” it, you may spend your juvenescence to watching other people’s story.

The master of your life is yourself.

Do the exercise (I prefer soccer), and get up early.


And start the day with a cup of coffee!




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