Lists of the blog

Posted: February 1, 2013 by chrischanhui in Uncategorized

 I made lists for my blog; what I will post about.



1. The Power of Internet

the power of the internet

Before introduce about hacker, I will present what things we can do with internet.

I want to show how powerful the internet is.

At the same time, it means that it is very important to protect your personal information or materials from the online thief, hackers.



2. Hackers?


First, I want to post about the definition of hacker.


(Who are the hackers?)

Because my blog will deal with so many “hacker things” like the things what hackers do, how to be a hacker, or the biggest hacker group Anonymous.

I will post about the background how they emerged and who are they.



3. White and Black hackers

two face

I want to introduce two types of hackers; white and black hackers.

Technically, how they do is same but, what they are doing is different.

I want to break the general notion of hackers; they are all bad.



4. Anonymous, the legion

Anonymous-Seal 640x392_33843_250005

In this time, I want to introduce about the biggest hacker group, Anonymous.

So many people still do not know who are they and what are they doing.

I will post “basic status” about anonymous.



5. Guy Fawkes and V for Vendetta


You might curious about that , what is that smiling face and what is the symbol of that mask.

To explain that, I want to bring some background information about Guy Fawkes, who fought against British government for freedom in the 16th century.

fawke you

(Is he look alike with the mask?)

The background of the movie “V for Vendetta”’ is the future of Britain. But this movie reproduces the situation at that time.

The moto of Anonymous is from Guy Fawkes. So I want to link these materials with Anonymous in this post.



6. Did you know that?


For this post, I will present some interesting stories which Anonymous achieved.

They fought against big companies, police, even the Mexican drug sellers.

Believe or not, they are all true!



7&8. Go and check your computer right now!

you've been hacked

I want to give some tips, how to prevent our computer from the hackers.

The best way of it is do not using the internet but these kids could not live without internet. Also, I want to show how hackers hack the computers.


(What your face look like when the internet server down)

I think attack is the best form of defense, so if you know how to heck computer, you already know the one way to prevent your computer from hackers.

best defence

(Attack is the best form of defense!)

But I am also not like computer nerd or very professional, so I want to show the ways which general people could follow.



9. Can I be a hacker?

ima hacker

(Hacker, indeed.)

If there are people who read the post about Anonymous, some of them would think “Wow, those kids are really cool, can I join in Anonymous or can I be a hacker?”


Let me tell you something. I do not know how to join in Anonymous or find the way to be a member of them. If I know that, I would not sit down here right now.

But it is possible to be a hacker. Of course, it is not illegal depends on what you do after be a hacker.

Hacking conference

(International Hackers Conference)

I want to provide the ways to be a hacker.



10. Anonymous, good or evil?

good or evil

I do not like this kinds of black and white logic.

I will bring my opinions about Anonymous for this post; “How I think about them”, “Are they really necessary for the society”, and “Are they right?”

And it will be my final post.

clap clap

Thanks for watching


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