All about me

Posted: January 25, 2013 by chrischanhui in About me


I am Chanhui Lee.

But I wanna go by my English name, Christian.


I was born in South Korea, in 16, January, 1992.

I am going to Eastern Mennonite University student, sophomore.

My religion is Christian, Presbyterian.


I have 5 family members; I, mother, father, younger brother (high school student), and my cat Willy (male, Persian, and will be 1 year old in this April).

liverpool amblum

I love soccer and a big fan of Liverpool F.C.


I like furry animals.


I usually play guitar in my free time.

I can also play flute and piano.


I love travel. I want to travel all around the world after retiring from my job.


When I am at in my home, I do not need set alarm to wake up. My cat always bit and licked my hair to let me wake up.

That means, “I am so hungry so give me something or I will make you a bald head.


After the semester I will pause the school work, and take Korean military service for two years.

I want to join the Air Force


I did not select the concrete vision of my life yet. I want to work as a producer if I have chance.

These are Christian, all about me.


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